Why Retiring High Paying Clients Was the Best Choice I Made This Month

Sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to take

Last week, I felt unbearably anxious for a whole 48 hours.

Why? Because I decided to retire my clients. By retire, I mean letting go of a recurring stream of income that has helped me make sure I would have enough financial security over the past year.

I have been reticent recently, doing the bare minimum outside of my businesses to make sure I could spend as much time as possible promoting my book ‘Reclaim your Time Off,’ coming out in a few weeks.

Ironic when you think about it since the book is why I struggled to reclaim some time for myself.

I digress. Retiring my clients was a personal choice. And one that one side of my brain really struggles to comprehend. Letting go of security meant I had to face the uncertainty of focusing on new things, projects, and even the book.

I had to make sure these would be what would provide me with that security that was outsourced to somebody else for such a long time.

That is a pattern, dear reader. I know I routinely spread myself too thin. That leads to a lot of late nights. A lot of early weekend mornings are spent catching up with work.

That was okay for a long time — and by that, I mean years. I did not mind. However, in life, things change. I have welcomed new people into my life, and I’m looking to build a family soon.

I had to be honest with myself and realize that I had to let go of what no longer serves me. Yet far too often, we read about these choices, and it’s hard to relate with people.

Writers, entrepreneurs, gurus will come out with inspirational quote-esque statements such as “take the leap of faith” or “what is at the other side of fear?”

Let’s be honest here: your rational mind doesn’t like that, or at least my rational mind doesn’t work that way. I am planning a wedding. We’re looking to buy a house after that.

My rational brain needs a clear path that can ensure me that there’s going to be a net that to support me.

However, if last year has taught me something, I accepted that uncertainty is a part of life, and not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow can be incredibly terrifying.

Once you go through a pandemic, you come to terms with the fact that, no matter how much you think you are prepared, life will always throw you curveballs.

Often, we will choose to say yes to something because it is convenient instead of saying no to it because we know we need to focus on what we want to build.

And that is scary. That is uncertain. Yet, that is where most of our growth comes from.

Those irrational choices bring up a lot of questions that sometimes don’t have a rational answer. As I kept filling my plate to feel ‘secure’ I was slowly spiraling down the road of ‘burnout’.

I decided to park rationality and give it my best shot. Albeit a bit cliche, going with your gut allows you to realign your priorities with your values. Going with your gut will enable you to find the freedom to choose your own path.

Look at everything you do as a lesson instead of a failure. Whenever you feel like making a difficult choice, remember that your rational brain is just trying to protect you. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t follow our guts and intuition.

By Reclaiming my time, I’ve been able to look at what I need to do next, to make sure that what I’m doing, that my companies are making the biggest impact that they can make, and only having this time and renewed focus has allowed me to do that. That in itself is the biggest gift of them all.

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Award-Winning Marketing Consultant | 👉 New book Reclaim your Time Off out now: fabgiovanetti.com/rytobook

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