How Taking a Break from Medium for 2 Weeks Lead me to My Most Successful Article to Date

A case against consistency — from someone who strongly believes in it

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Let’s start by saying, like the best stories, this one started by pure chance.

I have been incredibly lucky to have been gifted a holiday for my birthday by my boyfriend (I know, he is a good one). It would be all well and groovy, however, my colleague was just coming back from holiday and I had a massive launch planned on my return — oh yes, and we had a podcast on the way!

Long story short, I had a very long list of things to accomplish, and Medium just took a step back.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I had already started to move past the Medium bubble. What is the bubble, you may ask?

It’s that weird feeling that you need to chase for claps to make $5,000 dollars per month by being a writer on Medium. That you need to write 3 articles per day and get curated left, right and centre.

Am I against the bubble? Not really. As I explain better below, it’s just not the reason I decided to join this platform.

Medium is teaching me how to be a better and more efficient writer, and for this I am very grateful.

However, I had to take a decision to consciously stop wanting to climb up yet another ladder for the Holy Grail of $10,000 per month.

This to say, it was not that hard to just forget about Medium for 14 days.

The article that broke Medium

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I only had one article submitted in my drafts waiting for publication approval, and since that did not happen before I left, I just tweaked it and decided to post it in my own publication, Business of Wellness.

That is literally ALL I did. For 14 days. No Facebook Groups, no Slack group (I am part of Tom Krueger Medium course) or following people — let alone reading and clapping.

Now, you’d assume my Medium account went dormant. Well, you’d be wrong, my dear friend. You see, that article I published on my publication blew up since it got picked and curated in productivity.

It was one of the best-performing articles AND to add 100 followers in 10 days.

Without me doing one thing.

As you may know, if you follow me, I like to be a human guinea pig and experiment with things, which also means I LOVE to figure out what certain patterns actually mean.

Drawing my conclusions

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One of the things I was truly not expecting was the growth in followers due to my curated article. This also had a knock-on effect on some of my older pieces, which quickly were boosted up and received a second wave of claps.

The post being curated in a category I write extensively about (productivity) also helped with getting more exposure for older articles — so all round it was not so surprising.

Overall, my biggest takeaway was that great and innovative pieces can truly boost your visibility, even when not posting as regularly as usual.

This may not be the solution for wannabe Medium part-time writers, but it is a sigh of relief for anyone looking to have a more organic relationship with Medium altogether.

I am happy to say, I’ll be back as a more consistent writer — however, I’ll never panic again about my schedule. Writing better and enjoying the process is the reason I started in the first place.

My name is Fab Giovanetti and I am a writer, author, marketing consultant, founder of the Health Bloggers Community and professional troublemaker.

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